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ERP software for manufacturers

abas Manufacturing provides the tools you need as a manufacturer to optimize your business processes from make-to-order and make-to-stock to series and mass production.

ERP software for distributors

abas Distribution offers comprehensive support for your distribution and professional service processes, including purchasing and sales, warehousing and logistics, accounting, and eCommerce.

ERP for the automotive and automotive supply industry

abas Automotive & Supply efficiently maps the unique processes of the automotive and automotive supply industry for greater coordination and control of your business.

Successful ERP projects through high performance software, an expert partner network, and a global implementation method.


  In addition to a powerful software solution, successful ERP projects require qualified support and a reliable implementation strategy. With abas these factors go hand in hand, leading to the success of your ERP project!

High performance software: abas Business Suite


Performance spectrum for
the abas Business Suite total ERP solution


Mapping your business processes requires extensive tools. The abas Business Suite total ERP solution provides these tools to optimally support your entire value chain. From sales, costing, procurement or production to supply chain management and service processing, the business solutions from abas offer maximum control and transparency for all of your company processes. Applications that go beyond core ERP functions, including Mobile Apps, webshop tools, DMS, BI, APS, and project management, round out the range of abas solutions.

More than 3,000 mid-market manufacturers and distributors, as well as automotive and automotive supply companies already rely on the flexible and upgradeable total ERP solution: abas Business Suite.

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